FA/DE Famagusta Deryneia Mural Art Project | A journey along a project

Every journey, worth being defined as such, gains a substantial dimension when it ends and we return back home. Only then, an experience delimited in time and space, so intense that it seems at times unreal, acquires a precise form in our luggage of life experiences, a luggage that is perpetually growing.
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How arise a “Borgata” | San Basilio

Periphery is a vague term, treacherous, filled with clichés. Describes something around a center, as if it came a moment when you realize that this center is finished, closed, exceeded.
Borgata (Roman term referred to working-class suburbs) is a strong term, which indicates an area that the vocabulary describe as “grouping of suburban buildings, which has been developed as an interim solution and became a permanent settlement with big infrastructure problems and difficulties of integration into the urban fabric.”

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NOEO e WALLS |Where are the humans? Clinical psychology and psychosocial intervention

Who are the NOEO? Which is the connection between psychologists and WALLS? And with contemporary public art? We let them speak to introduce themselves and explain what will be their role in Trame_Trasmissioni of memory, then follow us and from project to project we’ll show you the strength that can acquire our work and our mission when accompanied the scientific method. A new journey with NOEO that will bring us as usual in connection with communities, territories and art.

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