“From Street to Art” New York


Italian Cultural Institute of New York
Curated by Simone Pallotta
June 20 – August 20 2014

Agostino Iacurci, Aris, BR1, Cyop&Kaf, Dem, Eron, Hitnes, Sten&Lex, Ufo5, 2501

Opening June 20 2014 6PM at ICI 686 Park Ave, New York

“There was a time when art was not important. A period in history when teenagers in different places, driven by an instinct that was in no way ancestral, found themselves connected through an unconscious act of affirmation of the deepest ego. They were unconsciously confronting the reality of belonging to a generation not seduced by ideologies, corrupt and irreparably bereft of the inconsistency and of the silence that these had produced. A generation with no echo.
The key to understanding a time devoid of sense was finally found in the reclaiming of a self-generated identity, an autonomous creative model capable of raising awareness around that void, capable of giving it consistency, of meeting the challenge of building something good, something strong out of that nothing that was under their feet, with no giant’s shoulders to support their gaze towards the future.
There was a time when graffiti writing, the production of letters that form a name reflecting a real individuality, restored the lost identity through a personal act. In a sort of interior reconstruction, one chose a new name in order to reposition oneself in society, on the basis of an autonomous invention of the self, a starting point for a new ideology that helped to re-establish the interpretation of the world itself, through the value of one’s own singularity. A free and pure act that changed the destiny of art, unknowingly and unintentionally.
It’s by giving form to that singularity that art is produced, unwittingly, without realizing that what we are creating will change the visual standards so profoundly as to produce an aesthetic revolution. Graffiti writing has constituted the year zero of an automatic will, a will producing generative situations, occasions of primary expression, of a return to creation as a necessity, this is what this book speaks of.
And here we are today, here and now. From the primordial expressive instinct of the first graffiti, devoid of artistic need and desire but rich in interior expressivity, we have arrived to a generation that believes in its very own means, because it was willing and able to go through all the stages of creative thinking again. These are men who have rationalized the expressive urgency of the origins in favour of their very own vision of art, managing in the end to materialize their position, that is unique and profoundly authorial. We are dealing here with artists that must be defined as such, because it’s no longer necessary for the initial context to give them their connotations, it’s no longer just the streets that welcome them, it’s the entire world.

Let nobody speak of street art but rather of artists who love the streets, home to new and deeper emotions.

Simone Pallotta, Curatore “From Street to Art”