Out the “From Street to Art” video!

We’re proud to present the video of the collective exhibition FROM STREET TO ART curated by Simone Pallotta, funder of the Cultural Association WALLS and hosted by the Italian Cultural Institute of New York in June 2014.

During the late months the From Street to Art video has been around the world to join many short films international festivals related to art and culture, which required the exclusivity of the content. So today we can finally share the video and the satisfaction to have been selected by three festivals: New Urbanism Film Festival in Los Angeles, the Kalat Nissa Film Festival in Caltanissetta and the Sardinia Film Fest of Sassari.

“From Street to Art” has been the first overview of the Italian Street Art which presented in the United States some of the names that ledthe street scene in Italy during the last ten years by showing the work and the creative, authorial and personal career of Agostino Iacurci, Aris, BR1, Cyop & Kaf, Dem, Eron, Hitnes, Sten & Lex, Ufo5, 2501. The purpose of the exhibition was to show the development of a new generation of Italian artists who, while sharing the title of Street Artist thanks to a strong urban presence and to the spatial approach to their work, have dissimilar ways of painting and substantial differences in the contents that express, with balance and maturity, even in galleries. From Street to Art certified the strength of this new generation of contemporary artists who have to be defined as such, regardless of the medium in which they move and that actually are still ruling international urban art scene. 

For us has been a great achievement to bring many of the artists that we consider the most interesting on the scene and our though, at the Institute of Italian Culture, so thanks to all those who participated in this experience, first of all the ten artists. Thanks also to the Italian Cultural Institute of New York, to the gallery Exitroom in Brooklyn and NY st.Gallery who have worked with us to realize a mural intervention by Hitnes collateral to the exhibition, to lafondazioneNY and Tramp for the support, to Spedart, to Mionetto.
A warm thanks to our media partners BSA Brooklyn Street Art and a special one to Suzanne Ardes of Street Art Anarchy.
The direction and editing of theFrom Street To Art video are by Riccardo Rabacchi, shooting by Iñigo Cavestany.

Simone Pallotta, Curator, WALLS

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