We curate the choice and the selection of appropriate artists to participate in different projects and to provide the services required from time to time by specific projects. Our experience in the field of urban and contemporary art and a continuous research and attention to the scene in constant evolution, allows us to have an overview of the excellence and new names in Italian and international scene.

#Production cultural events and exhibitions

We put our fieldwork experience at the service of your ideas by studying each project and its needs to curate the final planning that takes into account all the aspects defined in agreement with the institution or company requesting. We manage organizational activities interacting with internal and external ones predisposed to the provision of services according to proper planning and programming depending on the results required by the customer.


We design workshops in primary and secondary schools by identifying the modality wich best fits to the context and goals of the client and then by selecting the artists or specialists able to achieve their goals by managing the relationships between the parts and the production phases.

#Team Building

We put at the service of corporate team building our knowledge of art and its practices to use it as a means of sharing and cooperation. Flexibility, creativity and our experience allow us to study ad hoc solutions by proposing specific activities to explore the capabilities and potential of the participants.